I play a lot of games.  Way too much, or perhaps not enough.  I enjoy both computer, board and roleplaying games.  Now that everyone uses the internet for everything, I am starting to really enjoy online gaming.  Online StarCraft in particular is very entertaining, but also time consuming.  It's just very challenging to be able to play against new people all the time. 

Below is a list of online games that you will be able to enjoy right now, if you wish.  None of them require downloads.

Link Comments
Throw Pigs An old viking game written in Java. Computer only.
Yahoo Games Checkers, Reversi, and more.  Human players only.  Requires registration.
Excite Games Chess, Tanks, Tubes, and lots more.  Human players only.  Requires registration.


A fun little game written in Java.  Doesn't seem to play that well.
The Pimpernel A list of some really cool Java games.  Both puzzles, multiplayer and computer games.