Sierra Nevada Trip,  6/30-7/6

Day climb of Agassiz and a multi-day trip to Mt. Langley, Cottonwoods and Soldier Lakes

Long Lake from near Bishop Pass.
Long Lake


South-East slopes of Agassiz.



View from high on Agassiz.

Agassiz High


Summit of Agassiz.  North Palisade in background.

Agassiz Summit


The walls of North Palisade.

North Palisade


Mt. Sill and North Palisade.

Sill And Palisade 


Mt. Langley from Cottonwoods Lakes area. Although this was on the approach, the mountain looked so inconspicious I didn't even notice it on the way in.



View from camp at High Lake.

From Camp


July 4th on summit of Mt. Langley.  Mt. Whitney just behind me. 

July 4th on Summit


View East, towards Owens Lake.

View East


View South towards New Army Pass. Siberian Outpost is visible on the right. Once you get a view of it, it's clear enough why it's called that.

View South


View west from the Langley summit.

View West


Hardy plant at 14,000'.

Hardy Plant


Another hardy plant.

Another Hardy Plant2


A funny, small lake high at the Western flank of Mt. Langley.

Funny Lake


Soldier Lake.  I had tried to find a way down to Tuttle Pass from Mt. Langley, but it was steep and exposed and I decided to go down to Soldier Lakes instead.  Here were ducks, dragonflies and no mosquitoes. 

Soldier Lake


The featured article here is my trusted old hat, which blew off the steep Northern side of Mt. Langley. I will miss it.

Soldier Lake


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