In the Office

Computers is my work, and I thoroughly enjoy it.  Ever since highschool, I have enjoyed programming and playing games and communicating and doing all kinds of other cool things on computers.  Ever since college, I have thought that computers were not only excellent data handling tools, they were also great communication devices.  Therefore, in all modesty, observing the progression of connectivity and the internet hasn't been that much of a surprise to me. 

Beyond my resume, I won't delve into my work here. The picture on this page is taken on the office late on a Friday.  As you can see from my smile, I enjoy my work so much that I don't mind working late, even on Fridays. The picture is courtesy of Jens-Ulrik Lange .  You may visit my games page where I list some of my favorite computer games, and you can read my thoughts on Microsoft. See also my software page.