On Ragged PeakYou are probably not on this page by  accident, so I will not waste too much of your time with a lengthy introduction.  My two big passions are computers and the mountains, not neccessarily in that order. 

I am a big believer in freedom.  I believe in contributing.  In the words of Piet Hein: "The way to grow grand is not: To demand; In life's every field, you are what you yield".  I do this by being productive at work, minimizing the impact on the environment, being kind and helpful to the people around me, volunteering to the extent that my time allows, and by contributing financially to various charities.  As far as the latter goes, I consider my most important contribution the adoption of two children in the third world.  Seeing their progression in life in a safe and healthy manner is a very rewarding experience.  I don't believe that this kind of contribution should be legislated or in any other way be made compulsory.  You cannot enforce compassion: It must come from inside.

I work with computers.  As can be seen from my resume, I used to work for Microsoft.  I do have some comments about some of the controversy, both inside and outside of the industry, that concerns Microsoft these days, culminating in the recent anti-trust trial.

I live in Boulder Creek, California. That's a town nestled in the beautiful San Lorenzo Valley, in the Bay Area. For those of you outside California, "Bay Area" is local shorthand for the greater San Francisco area. I'm not too happy about California's statist policies, but I like Boulder Creek. The people are friendly, it's a quiet place yet with an interesting variety of activities, at least for a rural area.  For instance, the local micro brewery serves good beer and it's not too hard to find a place with live music.  Of course, the easy access to beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains is a big plus for someone like me, and nearby Santa Cruz is an interesting town.  See some pictures of my house.

I am originally from Denmark. I dabble a bit in writing and I like jokes